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More info? Go here for more detailed information on SAVEASand a free Key Generator program:http://home. earthlink. net/~strimple/home3a. htmlSAVEAS is a stand-alone program for creating script files for use with all AutoCAD Releases for converting DWG files to Release 13 and Release 12 DWG fileformat and A2000 to Release 14/Release 13, etc.

The program is designed for use with Win95 and later versions of Windows and provides long filename support. An explorer-type common dialog provides a means of locating filefolders.

The paths to selected folders are pasted into the appropriatefields of a dialog form for use by the program. A viewerfor examining these files is provided.

SAVEAS looks for spaces in long filenames and replaces them with underbars because AutoCAD will notaccept files names with spaces in them. The program includes theability to create these automatic purge scripts:1.

All2. Blocks3. Dimstyles4. Layers5. ltypes6. Shapes7. Styles8. MlinestylesSaveas also provides a means of purging a named entity fromyour DWG files.

Enter the name in the field provided and thisname will be included in the script file. Saveasincludes a Copy-Paste function. This function will copy all drawingentities to the clipboard, paste them to a new file, then zoomall and saveas Rel 2000, Rel 14, Rel 13, Rel 12 and DXF, placing thenew file with the same name as the original in a folder of your choice.

The new file includes all of the entities of the original drawing,can be viewed in DWG viewers such as Dr DWG, and is 1/4 to 1/2the size of the original file.